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NDP Youth Blogs: Join, Logo, and Name

January 19, 2007 D. Collier 7 comments

46 to 6.

What do those numbers mean. Simple: there are 46 registered Youth Liblogs members compared to 6 registered NDP Youth Blogs members.

Come on, we have to do better than that. And I think we can.

First of all, I know for a fact that there are more Blogging Dipper blogs written by youth out there, so for those people, follow the simple process to get on. It will look better if we have some company here.

But second of all, I have talked to youth at conventions that read the blogs, but don’t write blogs themselves. Well, I’d say that the time to create a blog is now. There is lots of room on the Blogging Dippers right now and it would probably be relatively easier to find your niche.

Yes, I’m talking to you, Name-Censored-Because-Of-Nature-Of-Internet.

As for the development of the NDP Youth Blogs, Robert has asked us if we could submit a logo and possibly a name change.

So I’m going to bounce of a few ideas. Why don’t we call ourselves the NDY (New Democratic Youth) Blogs, and use the following as a logo?

Since there seems to be no universal NDY logo, I choose to add the often used stand-by: the social democratic rose. You can accuse me of being BC-Centric, as that happens to be the BC YND’s logo (note to self: try to convince others to get new, less common logo), but I think that it will do for now.

Anyways, I’ll wait for opinions before I’ll do anything definitive.

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Quebec City Day 2: The NDYC Convention

September 8, 2006 D. Collier 2 comments

Today was the day of the NDYC, or New Democratic Youth of Canada, Convention. Starting right in the morning was breakfast with Jack Layton, who encouraged all of us youth delegates to run. After that, we had the workshops: the Human Rights Panel, the Internal Politics Panel, and the Campus Clubs Workshop. Not much interesting to report there.

Then we had our keynote speaker: Jane Doe, or at least that what she was called, considering that her name cannot be published because of a publication ban. She was sexually assaulted by a man whom the police knew was around, but didn’t tell anyone. So the sexual assaulter was caught, and then she sued the police because they did not inform the residents of the area that there was a sexual assaulter around. So she gave an interesting speech on patriarchy, sexual assault and the legal system. It was a particularly hard speech to hear as a man.

Okay, now the more interesting stuff. We had a few resolutions and constitutional admendments to examine as a body. Now I’ll never, ever, figure out the obsession of the far left regarding Venezesula! However, the resolution requesting more workshops at NDYC Conventions that would teach electoral skills so that the NDP can go out and win elections were excellent, and they passed. The constitutional admendments were also quite interesting: an admendment requiring NDYC Executive members to write written reports accessible to regular members passed. The admendment changing the cap on how many NDYC executive members could come from each province did not passed; in my opinion, that was not a good move to make.

Tomorrow the main convention will be starting, so that should be more interesting for all the politicos out there.

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