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Canadian Blog Awards 2009: Nominations Begin Sunday October 25

October 22, 2009 D. Collier 4 comments

The Canadian Blog Awards are back for 2009.

Nominations will begin Oct 25 and will last until November 21. Round 1 Voting begins Nov 29 and goes to Dec 5, Round 2 Voting begins Dec 6 to Dec 12.

I’m also pleased to announce that the CBA will be using a ranked preferential poll for this year, hosted by DemoChoice.

Please spread the word  of this far and wide!

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The Internet And The NDP’s Halifax Convention

August 17, 2009 D. Collier 5 comments

Now that the NDP convention is over, I think it is a good time to have a look how the Internet and social media were used during the convention, and what improvements should be implemented for the next time.

Unlike many other New Democrat bloggers, I was unable to actually attend the Convention. Therefore, I had to rely solely on the internet to remain updated on the events of Convention. Suffice it to say: I wasn’t disappointed.

Internet coverage of the convention was second to none. The NDP brought live coverage of the event right off their website, and saved clips of the most important speeches to watch later. This act alone allowed me to be up-to-date on convention happenings, and heck, even blog about them.

Other perspectives and analysis from blogs, twitter, and photos were gathering at a single website,, created with the volunteer efforts of Devin Johnston and others. Up to the moment live blogging of the event was provided by Ian Capstick at MediaStyle allowed for gather more analysis, perspectives, and sometimes needed clarification.

But while Internet and social media coverage at the convention was top-notch, there are always ways to improve things for next time. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Release the resolutions document to the public on the internet on the website. Let’s face it, in this day and age, they will always be leaked to the public at large. I figure if the party releases them first, they will be able to add such things as disclaimers that these aren’t passed policy, blunting those that like to go for the rather cheap attack of gathering the craziest, most unlikely to pass resolutions to try to make the NDP look less mainstream than it is.
  2. Find some way to have simultaneous translation from the live coverage at Watching the live coverage, when the convention spoke French, there was no translation. Considering my French is a bit weak, it was hard to follow along sometimes.If simultaneous translation of the live coverage is impossible, then saying just the resolution numbers in English and French would be enough to help watchers (with a copy of the resolutions), follow along.
  3. Create a social media rapid response team. Conventions have a funny effect on the blogosphere, as just when the party becomes the focus of online smears from members of the Liberal, Conservative, and Marijuana Parties, the NDP’s online activists are at their weakest, as they are a) too busy at convention; or b) don’t have intimate details of convention by not being there. A social media response team would be able to help counteract this temporary weakness.

The Only Time The Term “NDP Party” Is Acceptable

July 20, 2009 D. Collier 6 comments

The NDP Convention is happening in a few weeks or so. With many of the NDP’s online activists being there, it would be a shame if there wasn’t some sort of in-person meeting.

Which is why Ian Capstick and Devin Johnston have been working so very hard to set up a gathering, a “Convention Tweet-Up”, which will take place Saturday August 15th 2009 at the Halifax Carleton after the last convention speech of the night.

However, in order for this gathering to be a success, Ian and Devin are going to need some help.

First of all, they need a few small donations, around the $5-$25 mark, in order to fund the event. If you can, send a few dollars their way (watch the conversion between US and Canadian dollars). To further sweeten the pot, if you donate, your blog will be listed on the sponsor board at both the event and the website being built to promote the event.

Second of all, they need support promoting this event, which can be done by blogging, tweeting (hash tag #hfx09), and donating ad space.

With proper support, I am certain that this Convention Tweet-Up will be remembered for years to come. If you have any questions about the event, contact Ian.

Yay! The Voice Inside My Head Is Winning The “Secret” Expert Judge For The CBA’s Feminist Category

December 19, 2008 D. Collier 41 comments

This is nice news.

Since I help organize the Canadian Blog Awards, I don’t participate in it, so I don’t get to compete in online voting contests often. However, the voice in my head is winning the “who is the Secret Judge for the CBA’s Feminist category” poll over at A Creative Revolution.

So, go vote for me, and make sure I win the poll.

Oh, and I’m fully expecting a graphic of a cartoon beaver after I win this.

P.S.: Should I tell them that the judge of the CBA feminist category was somebody I knew that had a Women’s Studies minor, and doesn’t have a blog, just reads them.


I want the reward. Besides, until I produce an address, telephone number, dental records, and DNA samples, they won’t believe me anyway.

Update 12/20/2008 2:17pm PST: Yay! I won the award! But only by 35%, which is sort of disappointing. Only a pluarity! The graphic isn’t of a cartoon beaver, so I’m not going to put it up.

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Canadian Blog Awards 2008: Nominations Open

November 2, 2008 D. Collier Comments off

It’s back for another year: the Canadian Blog Awards!

As of today, you can nominate your favourite blog in 27 categories. The nomination period shall last until November 22nd.

The first round shall start November 23rd and go until the 29th.

The final round shall start November 30th and go until December 7th.

Please spread the word far and wide.

Dani and Saskboy, and myself are also looking for people to help us with the awards; if you are interested please email:

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