A Willingness To Extend Municipal Terms To 4 Years?

In those places that have 3 year municipal terms, there seems to be a demand from councils to lengthen those terms to 4 years.

Now, results from four BC municipal referenda show that there might be support public support for such a move. 3 out of the 4 referenda gave support for such a move.

Now, these referenda came about because the provincial government told municipalities to consult with their citizens on this matter. Since there were only four municipalities that actually took them up on the offer, I doubt that the government is going to take any action to lengthen municipal terms.

The interesting question, however, is what is going to be the reaction of other BC municipalities on this matter? Will they now hold their own consultative referenda on this matter? I think that the results of these four referendum might encourage municipalities to do just that.


2 Responses to “A Willingness To Extend Municipal Terms To 4 Years?”

  1. My problem with four-year municipal terms is that it will create career politicians to those who are already in office. At the local level, name and face recognition can count as much as ideas. Just count how many times your local councillors and mayor attend weekend and evening functions. They do it to keep up their profiles.

  2. Personally, I’m not sold on the idea of extending municipal terms to 4 years myself.

    Extending it to four might make sense as four years seems to be the standard for federal and provincial governments. It might also give councillors more time to understand the job and implement their platform - but then again, the New Zealand national government seems to do just fine with 3 years terms.

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